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  1. Engineering logs indicate 250 unit run was to be made, but it's unclear if they were all produced.
  2. They did not remember to destroy the engineering logs showing how they used heavy equipment to dig the graves.
  3. Detroit Edison permitted McLouth a maximum phase imbalance of 43 MW . The computer shut off heaters if a limit was reached and provided printouts of hourly demands, alarms, engineering logs, as well as maintenance logs.
  4. The Atari Museum has acquired the Atari-Amiga contract and Atari engineering logs revealing that the Atari Amiga was originally designated as the 1850XLD . As Atari was heavily involved with Disney at the time, it was later code-named " Mickey ", and the 256K memory expansion board was codenamed " Minnie ".
  5. On 11 January 1945, Detmers and 19 other Axis officers escaped from Dhurringile through a tunnel excavated during the previous seven months; all were recaptured within days . Detmers was found with a German-English dictionary which contained two encrypted accounts of the battle ( a deck log or action report, and an engineering log ), although these provided little new information.


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