entrenching shovelの例文


  1. From 1915, soldiers on both sides routinely sharpened the edges of entrenching shovels for use as weapons.
  2. Coming upon Private KAHOOHANOHANO's position, the friendly troops found eleven enemy soldiers lying dead before it and two in the emplacement itself, beaten to death with an entrenching shovel.
  3. Soviet Spetsnaz units were well trained in the use of the standard short-handled Russian entrenching shovel ( " saperka " ) as a weapon; by the nature of their missions, such tools were only rarely used for digging or entrenching positions.
  4. Being too long and heavy to be transported by individual soldiers, entrenching shovels and spades were normally carried in the supply carts ( logistics train ) of a military column; only pioneer or engineer troops typically carried spades or shovels as part of their individual equipment.


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