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  1. The chronicler Edward Hall described the spectacle as showing " the whole Earth, environed with the sea, like a very map or cart ".
  2. The analogy to follow is that of environ, as in Lincoln's " I am environed with difficulties " _ one n, pronounced ah, not oh.
  3. Henry camped to the east of Th閞ouanne at a heavily defended position, described by English chronicles as environed with artillery, such as " Greyhound, Antelope, and Dun Cow.
  4. It is described by Timothy Pont in the early 17th century as " " Ye castell is ane ancient ftronge building belonging to ye Earls of Glencairne environed with a fair park called Carmell wod from ye vatter of Carmell yat runs by it . ""
  5. An early 12th-century observer, William of Malmesbury, called Sarum a town " more like a castle than city, being environed with a high wall ", and noted that " notwithstanding that it was very well accommodated with all other conveniences, yet such was the want for water that it sold at a great rate ".


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