environment agencyの例文


  1. the planification and implementation of tokai nature trail owed largely to the efforts of michio oi , who was at the then national park department of the ministry of health and welfare (later national park bureau of the environment agency ).
  2. it was designated specific plant community under the environment agency ' s national survey on the natural environment in 1986 and was named green preservation zone under the nature conservation regulation in shiga prefecture in 1989 .
  3. there is one thing clear about the amount of the mineral poison; according to the measurement facility that the environment agency had established in 1972 in ashio-machi , the levels of the concentration of sulfur dioxide exceeded the (old ) environmental standards .
  4. the residence of kaninnomiya was located at southwestern kugemachi in kyoto , but after the family moved to tokyo in the meiji period , it was used as the kyoto branch agency of imperial household ministry , then administration office of ministry of health and welfare , and recently it was used as kyoto gyoen national garden office , the environment agency .
  5. later the kappumen industry and others reexamined this theory and the former ministry of international trade and industry and former environment agency announced in 2000 that ' there is no evidence that it has endocrine-disrupting effect ' and ' most reports denied any effect ,' but tokyo metropolitan institute of public health announced in 2006 that it has confirmed the affect on living things by animal test .


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