epitaxially grownの例文


  1. The wetting layer is epitaxially grown onto a surface using a molecular beam epitaxy ( MBE ) chamber at high temperatures.
  2. He later refined the idea using multiple epitaxially grown silicon layers for each of the vertically stacked color-detecting photodiodes.
  3. According to a January 2010 report, graphene was epitaxially grown on SiC in a quantity and with quality suitable for mass production of integrated circuits.
  4. This information is used throughout the semiconductor production chain, and begins with evaluating epitaxially grown crystals, including parameters such as average doping concentration, doping profiles, and carrier lifetimes.
  5. He uses these periodic X-ray probes to pinpoint the lattice location of adsorbate atoms on crystalline surfaces, to measure strain within epitaxially grown semiconductor and ferroelectric thin films, and to locate heavy atoms within ordered ultrathin organic films.


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