er againの例文


  1. Mark tells her that he has an inoperable tumor, asks another doctor to treat her, and tells the patient not to return to the ER again.
  2. He meets Gong Er again on Chinese New Year's Eve 1950 and asks her for a contest one more time while implying that she should start rebuilding her martial art school.
  3. Weaver cites several letters of reprimand and two failed rotations, and says that even if the hospital chooses not to terminate him, she will ensure that Malucci never works in the ER again.
  4. The Exeter Great Western proposal was presented again in the 1847 session, and the B & ER again opposed the scheme, itself promoting a branch from Durston ( east of Taunton ) to Castle Cary ( on the WS & WR ).


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