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  1. These formations have also been put into a category called water-escape structures by Lowe ( 1975 ).
  2. Upward fining facies successions within the Members are characterised by planar laminated, ripple-bedded and cross-bedded sandstones with abundant intraformational rip-up clasts, exotic clasts and water escape structures.
  3. Planar beds, trough cross-bedding, flaser bedding, mud-drapes on some ripples; U-shaped burrows & escape structures; fining up cycles topped by desiccation cracks in places.
  4. Critical examinations of these reported fossils have concluded that the fossil sponges are inorganic silica concretions; the jellyfish are either gas escape structures or algal colonies; and the worm trails are inorganic sedimentary structures.
  5. The rocket preceded farther than its predecessors, but shortly before the first stage was to separate one engine caught fire, causing the entire structure to explode, but not before the escape structure again properly deployed.


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