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  1. Meanwhile, association member Stephen Ng, also a member of the Estate Agents Authority, said temporary estate agent licences would be issued by the end of December.
  2. Since then, he had also sat on many public positions, including member of the Estate Agents Authority and the Social Welfare Advisory Committee 2000 to 2006.
  3. Chairman of the Estate Agents Authority Marvin Cheung Kin-tung said after the group's first meeting on Tuesday that the impact on consumers of yet-to-be-determined licensing fees would be minimal.
  4. THE Estate Agents Authority ( EAA ) on Thursday began drawing up a plan to promote professionalism in the estate agency trade, enhancing protection for consumers and encouraging fair and honest property transactions.
  5. Speaking in the wake of the closure of all 23 chain shops under the Goodfortune Realty on Wednesday, Mr Tang who is a also member of the newly formed Estate Agents Authority admitted there was nothing it could do to increase security for the practitioners under Hong Kong's policy of a free economy.


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