estate and interestの例文


  1. As part of the revived sale, the group will separate the activities of its savings bank from its holdings in real estate and interests in other banks and corporations.
  2. According to the current year's budget message, the District had not had positive cash flow in nine of the most recent ten years and despite economic pressures of real estate and interest rates is budgeting a positive cashflow for the second year of a turnaround.
  3. If named to the $ 525, 000-a-year job, Davis would, on Jan . 1, take over the day-to-day operation of the world's largest performing arts organization, an umbrella group governing the common real estate and interests of 13 constituent arts organizations, including many of the country's premier institutions.
  4. Now although the agreement was inoperative for the purpose of giving to the Petitioner a valid lease of the property, yet it might operate to this extent, that so far as the Respondents had in equity a lien upon the property, their estates and interests in respect of that lien might be affected by the agreement.


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