1. According to the expository writing attached to it , the following is what the writing says:
  2. According to expository writing in the " hyakki tsurezure bukuro ," bells were once used in japan as ritual implements to call a divine spirit .
  3. In japan , after the change to the new calendar up to the present , the lunar-solar calendars called ' the old calendar ' were described in calendars and expository books about calendar .
  4. According to an expository writing of the same book , it is a waiting woman serving a deity of face powder called " shifunsenjo " (goddess of white powder ); however , it is unclear whether this is the same one as the oshiroibaba according to the legend in nara .
  5. According to the expository writing of " hyakki tsurezure bukuro ," the ' furu-utsubo ' (an old quiver ) used to belong to yoshiaki miura who shot yakan (buddhist legendary animals , which initially referred to jackals in india and later foxes in japan ) in nasunogahara fields .


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