expound uponの例文


  1. In 702 , he travelled to tang china where he lived at xi ming temple (xian city ) and through his pursuit of sanron , or three shastras (treatises ), out of 100 high priests was he selected to expound upon the ninno hannya kyo which was alternatively known as benevolent kings (prajnaparamita ) sutra .
    702年(大宝 (日本)2年)唐へ渡り、西明寺 (西安市)に住して三論に通じて、仁王般若経を講ずる高僧100人のうちに一人に選ばれた。
  2. The following year , in 736 , he commenced daihannya-kyo tendoku-e (a buddhist ceremony in which part of the 600-verse prajna sutra [the great perfection of wisdom sutra ] are recited by a group of priests , fanning the folded pages of the sutra text through the air while reciting the prajna sutra incantation [chant ]) at daian-ji temple , and in 739 , served as lecturer to expound upon daigokuden saisho-o-kyo kosetsu (literally , a lecture on the most victorious kings sutra [suvarnaprabhasa ] at the council hall in the imperial palace ).


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