express appreciation forの例文


  1. - hocho-zuka was erected to bury old worn knives to express appreciation for many years of service and to pray for improving skills in using knives for cooking .
    - 庖丁塚とは使い古されたり使えなくなってしまった包丁に感謝を込めて埋めたり、包丁捌きの技術の向上祈願して建てられた塚。
  2. 11 . civilization is a term to express appreciation for moral principles and ethics being universally observed and not a word to admire glorious palace chambers , beautiful clothes or superficial splendor of appearance .
    一一 文明とは道の普(あまね)く行はるるを賞賛せる言にして、宮室の荘厳、衣服の美麗、外観の浮華を言ふには非ず。
  3. In his works ' himitsu mandala jujushinron ' and ' hizohoyaku ,' kukai expressed appreciation for another buddhist sect , dharma , which was at that time established to some extent , and built that thinking into a rating system of 1 to 10 by placing the shingon sect above the dharma .


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