expressing wishesの例文


  1. The European Union, German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel and leading officials in all Macedonia's neighboring states were among those expressing wishes for Gligorov's speedy recovery.
  2. They were quickly organized into groups each carrying a banner indicating their home region and expressing wishes for a long and happy life for the president.
  3. The 21-year-old Fisher wrote a letter last month asking him to call her when she's released, expressing wishes to " make you lie down next to me so I could fall asleep on your chest ."
  4. The imperfect or prefix-conjugation, which expresses the present and future tense ( and which is not distinguishable from the descendant of the Proto-Semitic jussive expressing wishes ), is exemplified below, again with the root "'q-t-l " '.
  5. And in a tribute to this king's common touch, his subjects threw themselves into a frenzy of mourning as genuine as it was moving to witness, weeping outside the hospital where he lay on his deathbed, expressing wishes they could give one of their own organs to save his failing ones, filling the streets for his funeral procession.


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