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  1. Other notable cultural sites include the Archives Nationales, the Biblioth鑡ue Nationale ( National Library ) and Expressions Art Gallery.
  2. With this in mind, the  Institute of Design Expression Art & Learning ( IDEAL ) was founded in February 2003.
  3. However, apart from academic courses, the school gives special attention to Self-expression arts such as Drama, Sculpture, Painting, Elocution and Speech, Music and Dance.
  4. Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre is home to Upper Hutt's public art gallery including Mount Marua Gallery and Vector Gallery, these two galleries feature a diverse programme of Local and National exhibitions.
  5. In July 1991, a young local couple, Habib and Khatia Jiha, decided to combine their love of art with the facts of business by opening " Expressions Art Gallery " in P閠ionville Haiti.


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