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  1. On the other hand, situations of extended deterrence often occur when a great power becomes involved.
  2. "Large parts of the world today enjoy the benefit of the extended deterrence of nuclear weapons powers, " he said.
  3. Aydin ( 2010 ) makes an important contribution to the extended deterrence literature and economic peace research through his empirical study on the deterrent effect of economic integration.
  4. Assure / Dissuade / Deter is a mission set derived from the Air Force's readiness to carry out the nuclear strike operations mission as well as from specific actions taken to assure allies as a part of extended deterrence.
  5. As outlined by Huth, a policy of deterrence can fit into two broad categories being ( i ) preventing an armed attack against a state's own territory ( known as direct deterrence ); or ( ii ) preventing an armed attack against another state ( known as extended deterrence ).


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