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  1. A series of extended dominant chords continues to resolve downwards by perfect fifths until they reach the tonic chord.
  2. If a non-diatonic dominant chord is used on a strong beat, it is considered an extended dominant.
  3. An "'extended dominant "'is a non-diatonic secondary-dominant seventh chord that dominant chord.
  4. The "'bebop dominant scale "'is derived from the Mixolydian mode and has a chromatic passing tone between the 7th and the dominant 7th chords and all extended dominant chords, and the ii V chord progressions . " When someone says they're playing'the bebop scale,'this is the one they're talking about ."
  5. Everything follows according to sonata form convention until the coda ( three bars after rehearsal 88 ), an extended Dominant ( music ) | V chord resolving to a warm and mournful return to C minor at rehearsal 89 . An allusion to the introduction is then interrupted by an unexpected crescendo in the trombones and strings, quickly silenced as the movement ends with a decrescendo to " ppp ".


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