extended envelopeの例文


  1. The Rosseland radius derived from angular measurements of the star's photosphere rather than an extended envelope is.
  2. Any planets that were orbiting within this radius would have interacted directly with the star's extended envelope.
  3. The entire star is surrounded by an extended envelope that can be detected by its excess infrared emission,
  4. In Australia in late 1951, Kerr used a specially built 36-foot transit telescope, the largest dish of its kind in Australia, and started mapping the Magellanic Clouds, discovering considerable amounts of neutral hydrogen and an extended envelope around both clouds.
  5. Radio interference at that frequency, which coincides with the natural frequency of hydroxyl molecules ( made of hydrogen and oxygen ), masks the very faint signals emitted by interstellar gas clouds and the extended envelopes of red giant stars, among other things.


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