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  1. oshiroi jizo (jizo of face powder )
  2. however , in some shrines and regions , characteristic makeup such as white face powder or heavy eye makeup is found .
  3. one day , when he visits his new wife ' s place , she is in a hurry and mistakenly applies eyebrow powder on her face instead of face powder .
  4. according to an expository writing of the same book , it is a waiting woman serving a deity of face powder called " shifunsenjo " (goddess of white powder ); however , it is unclear whether this is the same one as the oshiroibaba according to the legend in nara .
  5. in the latter part of the muromachi period , the makeup powder called ' beni oshiroi ' (beni makeup powder ), which is the face powder mixed with light-pinkish beni powder , became popular and the makeup style was changed to what gave women more lively impressions , reflecting the trend of those times .


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