facial spasmの例文


  1. For months, the 48-year-old engineer had been suffering facial spasms.
  2. Major complications of the condition are chronic loss of taste ( ageusia ), chronic facial spasm, facial pain and corneal infections.
  3. "It's been a salvation to me, " says KHOU-Channel 13 newsman Marvin Zindler, who has used botulinum toxin for almost 20 years for extreme eye and facial spasms.
  4. The tour _ an effort to call attention to the disease and raise money for research to find a cure _ marks a remarkable transformation for a singer who first experienced facial spasms and numbness in his right leg and arm eight years ago.
  5. "Bad sleepers help keep me awake, " he said, watching the patients on a bank of video monitors as a collection of ancient polygraph machines squiggled out their brain activity, facial spasms and the sweet state of rapid eye movement that eludes so many troubled sleepers.


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