facial tonerの例文


  1. Performers with oily complexions use a facial toner wipe or astringent to remove the oil and allow a smooth application.
  2. Refining Facial Toner-calms, hydrates, and adds vitality to the skin to improve tone and texture and prepare for moisturizing.
  3. Instead, they sell lipsticks, wrinkle creams and facial toners in factories, airports, beauty parlors, laboratories and, sometimes, from a park bench.
  4. At the base of Stevens'extensive line _ nearly 100 products _ is what she calls The Time Machine, a hand-held facial toner used in conjunction with several of her products.
  5. The kit includes facial toner, hand and eye cream, rosemary leg and arm toner, and a leave-on mask that disappears into the skin . $ 21.50, www . flight001 . com.


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