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  1. The Pope granted John V the style " Most Faithful Majesty, " which appealed to him greatly.
  2. "' His Most Faithful Majesty's Council "'was the privy council of the Kings of Portugal.
  3. The title is comparable to Spain's Catholic, Portugal's Most Faithful Majesty and France's Most Christian Majesty.
  4. In 1748, Pereira de Sampaio achieved what is considered as the high point of his career, the granting of the style " Most Faithful Majesty ", by Pope Benedict XIV to King John V.
  5. D . "'Lu韘 da Cunha "'(; 25 January 1662 in Lisbon & ndash; 9 October 1749 in Paris ) was a Portuguese diplomat who served under D . Jo鉶 V of Portugal as part of His Most Faithful Majesty's Council.


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