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  1. He is a traditionalist, though, with overly familiar ideas about how to keep people apart, sexually, familially, geographically.
  2. Many of the abbesses at Barking Abbey were familially related to the British royal house, and likely often selected by the monarch until the early thirteenth century.
  3. About 10 percent of all cases of breast cancer are thought to be familially linked, and the newly discovered gene could account for about half of those cases.
  4. The collection reflects Cisneros's experience of being surrounded by American influences while still being familially bound to her Mexican heritage as she grew-up north of the Mexico-US border.
  5. The term " Sakyong " in Tibetan literally means " earth-protector, " although it is colloquially understood to mean " king . " The Sakyong King lineage is passed down familially.


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