fault auto insurance systemの例文


  1. _Voters rejected Proposition 200, which would have implemented a no-fault auto insurance system in California.
  2. Proposition 200 would establish a no-fault auto insurance system, which the industry says will lower costs but which other states have found raises them.
  3. Under New York's no-fault auto insurance system, insurers provide up to $ 50, 000 in coverage with virtually no questions asked.
  4. He also intends to be in the state to campaign against three initiatives on the state ballot : Proposition 200 to create a no-fault auto insurance system; Proposition 201, which would require losers in civil suits to pay all reasonable costs; and Proposition 202, to limit some payments to attorneys.
  5. Democrats, Republicans, Gov . George Pataki, the top insurance regulator and the insurance companies themselves agree that new laws are needed to plug holes in the state's no-fault auto insurance system, which requires insurers to pay the first $ 50, 000 in medical bills from injuries in an accident, no matter who is at fault.


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