fault block reservoirsの例文


  1. Hongxing area is a complex faulted block reservoir with poor development response
  2. The prediction and research for the distribution of remaining oil in the complex fault block reservoir
  3. Research on fine reservoir characterization and residual oil distribution of complex fault block reservoir at later development phase
  4. In addition , side - tracking in old wells can produce residual oil between wells and on structural high , improve pattern arrangement , and control bottom water coning ; it is an effective method for developing minor fault block reservoir with complex lithology and bottom water
  5. On the basis of enough sources , better relations of space arrangement of oil generation , migration and reserver , good conditions of reservoirs and caprocks , subtle reservoirs are formed , such as lithological reservoirs , stratigraphic overlapping reservoirs , fault block reservoirs , palaeoburied reservoirs and fault - nose reservoirs


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