fiber - optic gyroscopeの例文


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  1. This resulted in the development of a Miniature Fiber-Optic Gyroscope, with three orthogonal axes, to provide the necessary information for on-board computers and ensuring missile accuracy.
  2. Yao Yi, a Chinese citizen who allegedly tried to buy sophisticated fiber-optic gyroscopes from the company, was arrested in San Diego last week as he re-entered the country.
  3. A Chinese businessman pleaded guilty Thursday to plotting to smuggle fiber-optic gyroscopes from Massachusetts to China, but denied allegations that he planned to use them to improve his country's weapons system.
  4. Officials familiar with the case say the company was Fibersense Technology Corp ., a firm in Canton, Mass ., that manufactures fiber-optic gyroscopes for the military, chiefly for missiles, aircraft and space vehicles.
  5. The fiber-optic gyroscopes, which determine changes in the altitude of a vehicle and are often used to guide missiles and aircraft, are on a US government list of munitions technology that can't be exported without a license.


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