financial management and controlの例文


  1. The resolution calls for " an ambitious and thoroughgoing " reform of financial management and control at the Commission.
  2. In an attempt to strengthen Parliament s supervision over the military s budget concerning defense expenditures, the government initiated amendments to the Law on Public Financial Management and Control in 2003.
  3. MPC currently runs three international masters programmes taught in English : Masters of Business Administration ( MBA ), Masters in International Communication Management ( MICM ) and Master of Financial Management and Control ( Formerly Master Accounting and Control ).
  4. Some applications that have been identified for implementation are electronic commerce ( e-commerce ), human resource management, land use systems, tourism product management, office automation, electronic tendering system, file transfer, financial management and control, social services, physical infrastructure management and rural information access.
  5. The university also offers nine international bachelor's degrees taught in English : Industrial Design Engineering, Process and Food Technology, International and European Law, Safety and Security Management Studies, European Studies, International Communication Management, International Public Management, International Business and Management studies and International Financial Management and Control.


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