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  1. USAID's financial management office would transfer funds to the agency, in tranches as needed.
  2. Even if agency officials wanted to reallocate funds, federal policy virtually precludes shifting funds allocated to specific projects without approval from Washington, said William H . Gimson, director of the agency's financial management office.
  3. Officials would not release any names on Wednesday, but said they came from these units : 88th Civil Engineering Squadron; 88th Security Support Squadron; 88th Logistics Squadron; National Air Intelligence Center, and Aeronautical Systems Center financial management office.
  4. As some local NGOs may be small and young organizations with no prior experience in receiving awards from USAID, the USAID mission's financial management office reviews grant applicants'administrative systems to ensure that they are capable of managing USG funds.
  5. U . S . funding has since become so erratic that the director of the Financial Management Office at the United Nations, Susan Mills said, " We don't know what, if anything, we're going to get and when we're going to get it ."


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