finished with engineの例文


  1. She berthed at Preston at 12.45 and'finished with engines'was rung on the ships telegraph at 12.48.
  2. At 09.35 on 4 September 1982, " Manxman " departed Liverpool with her last ever sailing for the Isle of Man Steam Packet : a charter to Douglas run under the name'Finished With Engines '.
  3. When finished with engines finally comes down we discover that the bowsprit has swept the wharf, clearing it of some minor structures, but thanks to Gazela's well-stocked bosun's locker, the repair party is already at work.
  4. According to the review in " The Guardian " : " In its toughness and tenderness, as well as its sensuous and telling details, Bageye at the Wheel is a father memoir that deserves to be as celebrated as Ian Jack's essay " Finished With Engines " or Gary Imlach's My Father and Other Working-Class Football Heroes.


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