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  1. Flat coasts consist of loose material such as sand and gravel.
  2. Alr? s topography includes a flat coast, with an original coastline that may stretch further into Alr?Sund than it currently does.
  3. This lighthouse replaced a shorter one originally built in 1803 to warn ships away from Diamond Shoals from a flat coast with no other landmarks.
  4. The 175-kilometer ( 110-mile ) circuit goes from Dublin down the flat coast road, then inland into the hills dotted by villages and waterfalls, north through the barren highlands and back into Dublin.
  5. Frequent subjects of his paintings included trees, forests, fields, pools, farms, hamlet streets, riversides, ships on the strand and the flat coasts around Berck and some sites such as the ch鈚eau de Pierrefonds ( Oise ), or La Fert?Milon.


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