flat conductorの例文


  1. A microstrip circuit uses a thin flat conductor which is parallel to a ground plane.
  2. He specialized in developing flat conductor cables for electricity and the fittings to connect them, and he received many patents for this work.
  3. The screen was to consist of a set of capacitors etched into a film of copper on a sheet of glass, each capacitor being constructed so that a nearby flat conductor, such as the surface of a finger, would increase the capacitance by a significant amount.
  4. In the 1947 publication " Printed Circuit Techniques " by Cledo Brunetti and Roger W . Curtis a brief discussion of creating circuits on what would have been flexible insulating materials ( e . g . paper ) indicated that the idea was in place and in the 1950s Sanders Associates'inventors ( Nashua, NH ) Victor Dahlgren and company founder Royden Sanders made significant strides developing and patenting processes for printing and etching flat conductors on flexible base materials to replace wire harnesses.


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