flat yarnの例文


  1. Polyolefine flat yarn for woven cloth
  2. General purpose ldpe film modifier : degradable garbage bags which generate less heat , flat yarn , inner film for laminated
  3. The machine uses the polypropylene or polyethylene material to make tape flat yarn through production procedures of material heating extruding , splitting the film into tapes , the tapes stretching forming , tapes winding on the bobbins by winding machine , then put the bobbins with tapes on circular loom for weaving
  4. The flat yarn making machine is adopted micro - processor control , frequency conversion governor and setting and displaying technical data may be fully digitized on the basis of absorbing international advanced techniques . the main parts use quality products . the line enlarges l d ratio and adopts new type of separating screw and widens mixing smelt zone on the extruder screw pot which is specially processed using quality steel , fine plasticized effect , low energy consumption in relation to output
  5. The concrete design method of the votating speed difference frequency fuzzy controller is studied in detail . based on single - chip microcomputer 8031 , using table look - up method , votating speed difference frequency fuzzy controller applied to induction motors is implemented . simulation result demonstrates that the control result for the producing plastic flat yarn of votating speed difference frequency fuzzy control to the speed of induction motors is idealer


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