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  1. MsbA is a multi-drug resistant ( MDR ) ABC transporter and possibly a lipid flippase.
  2. Flippase is a transmembrane protein that " flips " its conformation to transport materials across a membrane.
  3. Phospholipid synthesis occurs in the cytosole adjacent to GPAT and LPAAT acyl transferases, phosphatase and choline phosphotransferase ) and allocation ( flippase and floppase ).
  4. Comparisons between mammalian " ABCA4 " to other ABCs, cellular localization of ABCA4, and analyses of ABCA4 knockout mice suggest that ABCA4 may function as an inward-directed retinoid flippase.
  5. The precise unconventional export mechanism for transporting RHAMM to the extracellular space is still unclear but may involve transport channels or proteins, flippase activity, or exocytosis, similar to other non-conventionally exported cell surface proteins such as BFGF1, 2 and epimorphin.


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