flow of wealthの例文


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  1. One result is a conspicuous flow of wealth to the north.
  2. A monopoly such as Vanderbilt had been trying to build would choke off the downward flow of wealth.
  3. There is a big flow of wealth from the developed economies into developing countries, and the developed nations have no choice but to adjust to a new distribution framework in which competition is intensified.
  4. In contrast to Spain, the French, under Jean-Baptiste Colbert ( 1619 1683 ), the minister of finance, had begun to industrialize their economy, and thus, were able to become, initially at least, the benefactors of the flow of wealth.
  5. For instance : One might conclude that the commissioner of hockey is a union-buster who is willing to punish fans and players to force the flow of wealth into the purses of promoters and away from the pockets of performers.


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