footloose the musicalの例文


  1. His stage highlights include Spring Awakening the Musical, Footloose the Musical and Alice s Adventures in Wonderland.
  2. The first production by BrassNeck Theatre was " Footloose the Musical ", and was performed in May 2010 at Yeadon Town Hall.
  3. These have included " Footloose the Musical " in 2010, " Little Shop of Horrors " in 2012 and " The Wedding Singer " in 2014.
  4. Students in every Studio / Major are also allowed to audition for the Musical Theatre elective class, who in the past have put on performances such as The King and I, Anything Goes, The Secret Garden, Carousel, Footloose the musical, Little Shop of Horrors, and in March 2015, Jonathan Larson's RENT . Students can also apply for the Stage Craft elective class that teaches the students to work as crew for schools productions and technical theatre.


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