1. The Northern Plains Railroad also operates a railcar repair and locomotive repainting facility in Fordville, North Dakota under the name Northern Plains Rail Services.
  2. Other unincorporated communities, localities and place names located partially or completely within the township include Back Neck, Ben Davis Point, Clarks Pond, Fordville, Sea Breeze and Tindells Landing.
  3. One of the historical tribal congregations, Saint John United Methodist Church of Fordville, New Jersey is the only Native American Church in New Jersey so designated by the United Methodist Church.
  4. The railroad has its headquarters in Fordville, North Dakota, where it operates its largest yard facility, and also has a field office located in Lansford, North Dakota, where it operates another large yard and roundhouse.
  5. The track originally leased to the railroad consisted of the 168 mile ( 270 kilometer ) Devils Lake Subdivision between Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and Harlow, North Dakota, and the 217 mile ( 349 kilometer ) Bisbee Subdivision between Fordville, North Dakota, and Kenmare, North Dakota.


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