forging aluminiumの例文


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  1. A new, lightweight forged aluminium wheel is produced and used instead.
  2. Front brake calipers are Brembo " race-spec " Monobloc, wheels are lightweight forged aluminium, and tyres are Metzeler race compound items.
  3. Despite being made from forged aluminium, the pistons are heavier ( 162 up from 152 grams ) and incorporate solid skirts, reduced piston pin offset, a molybdenum coating, reduced top-land to cylinder clearance and flat-top combustion surfaces.
  4. Large-scale changes were made in 2001, with a complete restyling of the bodywork by designer Gareth Davies, a newly designed engine raising the horsepower to 149 with internal performance upgrades included Forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, and forged aluminium pistons.
  5. The 370Z uses a front double wishbone suspension, with forged aluminium control arms and steering knuckle, the rear multi-link suspension uses a forged aluminium upper control arm, lower arm and radius rod, the toe control rod is steel and wheel carrier assembly is aluminium.


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