forging equipmentの例文


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  1. Police also seized 180 forged Czech passports, four guns and various forging equipment.
  2. Also found were ?0, 000 of forged bearer bonds, forging equipment and a large amount of explosives.
  3. "' China National Erzhong Group "'is a Chinese state-owned heavy machinery company, which makes smelting and forging equipment, with its headquarters in Deyang, Sichuan.
  4. Beside the agricultural activities ( milk-processing, milling, bakery and wine growing ), the main industry deals in cement and building materials, agricultural machinery and forging equipment, wood processing and furniture factories.
  5. In 2008 Footprint moved to a larger factory and invested in new forging equipment, but this process was interrupted by a global recession, and Footprint was unable to generate enough business to cover the cost of the upgrades.


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