forging hammer foundationの例文


  1. This paper does some work aiming at damping to forging hammer foundation
  2. The analysis on the vibration and the antivibration measures of industrial forging hammer foundation
  3. In the last part of this paragraph , a calculation model for forging hammer foundation vibration system with dual - freedom is presented . in the third paragraph , some different methods of damping to forging hammer foundation have been advanced based on analysis of important factors affecting vibration response
  4. Forging hammer is an important device , which is used to forge roughcast in machine shops . when forging hammer works , violent vibration produces , so the precise instruments and equipment around ca n ' t run normally , the stability and longevity of the workshop structure may lower , furthermore , the health of people hurts . the damping to forging hammer foundation is all through the ages a hot question for discussion


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