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  1. we will form an alliance with liu bei , to stop cao cao's invasion
    我々は劉備と同盟を結ぶ 曹操の侵攻を阻止するために
  2. trying to convince him to form an alliance with them to fight against germany .
    というわけで ポーランド 俺たちと同盟結んで ドイツに対抗しないか
  3. together , we form an alliance with the humans , a secret but brave squad of soldiers .
    臨戦態勢 我らは人類と同盟を組み 戦っている 勇敢なる極秘の部隊と共に.
  4. less than six months later , the army demanded that the government form an alliance with germany and italy .
  5. in addition , ieyasu might have thought that it was a wide policy to form an alliance with nobunaga oda of the neighboring province that has been expanding power with the tremendous momentum .


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