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  1. Transmitted frames signal which buffer to overwrite and can optionally be decoded into one of the buffers without being shown.
  2. All lever frame signal boxes have to have these openings and therefore all have visiting members of the rat and mouse population, who live in local drains and water courses.
  3. The Points Box, as it was called locally, contained a 36-lever frame signal box was built by Dutton & Co ., of Worcester, and supplied to the railway when the yard was further modified and the workshops were extended.
  4. Toilet facilities are also provided, but it is worth remembering that when many of these British lever frame signal boxes were built in the 1850-1910s, household toilets were considered too dirty to be inside a house and were located outside in an outhouse, therefore Ledbury signal box was built with an outside toilet.
  5. For SF framed signals, the user bandwidth is manipulated and " bit two in every DS0 channel shall be a zero . " The resulting loss of payload data while transmitting a yellow alarm is undesirable, and was resolved in ESF framed signals by using the data link layer . " A repeating 16-bit pattern consisting of eight'ones'followed by eight'zeros'shall be transmitted continuously on the ESF data link, but may be interrupted for a period not to exceed 100-ms per interruption . " Both types of alarms are transmitted for the duration of the alarm condition, but for at least one second.


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