freedom of thinkingの例文


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  1. Educated German immigrants and local Baltic Germans in Estonia, educated at German universities introduced Enlightenment ideas that propagated freedom of thinking and brotherhood and equality.
  2. The performance, in line with the official documents of Unespar, prioritizes the principles of freedom of thinking and critical and reflective development of speech.
  3. Among the countries of Europe, Dr Mahathir considers that France has a freedom of thinking and manoeuvrability especially vis-a-vis the United States.
  4. Tacu filed his suit earlier this year, saying Romania's communist regime violated his " right to life, physical integrity, freedom of thinking and of association ."
  5. The theory stated that it was necessary to reject western ideas  freedom of thinking, freedom of personality, individualism, rationalism which were considered by Orthodox religion as dangerous and rebel thinking.


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