1. Fully-grown hookworms in the gut are 2 to 3 cm long .
  2. Fully - grown hookworms in the gut are 2 to 3 cm long
  3. Both animals are capable of taking down a fully - grown reindeer , but they use different tactics
  4. Farmers , concerned about their fully - grown pigs catching blue - ear disease , and eager to capture the high market prices , are also slaughtering them younger , meaning that the meat generated per animal is declining
  5. And the production fluctuation caused by climate changes lead to local farmers to take some unwilling but practical measures such as harvesting a little with cultivating extensively , planting dispersedly and irrigating with wells , combining herbage meadows with woody ones , in the years when disaster happened increasing output of livestock which has become fully - grown and ready for slaughter and planting fast growing and early trees


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