furnace bodyの例文


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  1. It insulates heat by air . the low temperature of furnace body , confect creepage safeguard equipment , makes sure security
  2. Utilizing the chance of dismantling the furnace , the writer investigated the damaged situation of furnace body , analysed its damaged reasons and introduced the longevity methods in this paper
  3. We adopt new production process of cold ends , so our sic heating elements have excellent specific rate of heat zone resistance and cold end resistance , saving energy , long life , avoiding over - temperature of cold ends to damage the furnace body . the commercial name of our sic heating elements is songshan silca heating elements
  4. The paper suggests the new heat insulation materials and charge structures used under different temperatures condition of blasting objects , and presents the methods to avoid miss - fire and the measure to control the blasting shock and vibration damages to protected objects such as furnace lining , furnace body and back - up bearing
  5. Abstract : the furnace body erosion of 2 blast furnace of pzh steel at the end of second compaign wassystematically investigated . the causes for furnace body erosion were analyzed . the features of furnace body erosion were clarified under conditions of intensification of smelting process . the mechanism of lining protection was further revealed with tio2 bearing burden , the technical measures which make the blast furnace high efficiency and long compaign were put forward


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