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  1. Known as Furnace Branch Road, the highway runs from MD 10 was constructed through the area in the mid-1970s.
  2. Construction on the remainder of Governor Ritchie Highway began in 1936 and was completed south from Furnace Branch to the Severn River in 1938.
  3. The first portion of Governor Ritchie Highway was completed as a four-lane divided upgrade to existing MD 2 from the Baltimore city limit in Brooklyn Park to Furnace Branch in 1934 and 1935.
  4. All old segments of MD 2 were redesignated MD 648 by 1939 . This includes the portion of Robert Crain Highway from Glen Burnie to Furnace Branch that is now the northern part of MD 3 Business.
  5. In 1949, the portion of MD 648 on Robert Crain Highway was widened and resurfaced, shortly before it was replaced with US 301 Alternate, which ran concurrently with MD 2 from Furnace Branch into Baltimore.


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