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  1. Howard held membership in the North Carolina Beekeepers'Association, handling gallberry and gum honey in several farms in Cedar Creek and Harnett County, North Carolina.
  2. They have scattered pond pine ( " Pinus serotina " ) and a dense growth of mostly evergreen shrubs including gallberry ( " Ilex glabra " ).
  3. Incidentally, just as Schueler was finishing his book, he took a walk and saw the wizened face of a tortoise peering at him through the gallberry bushes, after 15 years of absence.
  4. In one location, Carter made a grassy savanna with longleaf pines, gallberry holly and muhly grass, a tufted grass with finely textured, dark green leaves that grows 3 to 4 feet high.
  5. "' Ilex coriacea "', sometimes known as "'large gallberry "', is a shrub in the Holly family native to coastal areas in the United States from Virginia to Texas.


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