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  1. On Neurath's advice, Hitler disavowed Ribbentrop's demand that King George receive and give the " German greeting ".
  2. Another began her jottings with a German greeting, then in English, wrote that she and her boyfriend had been married by the justice of peace, then spent the night in that very room.
  3. For example, a memo dated 23 July 1934 sent to local police stations stated : " There have been reports of traveling vaudeville performers training their monkeys to give the German Greeting . . . . see to it that said animals are destroyed ".
  4. He once expressed his view on the " German greeting " Heil Hitler in a letter to the Leipzig " 膔ztekasse " ( doctors'cash collection agency ) in 1934 : " I am not a neurologist and thus am unable to heal your Hitler.
  5. In February 1937, Ribbentrop committed a notable social gaffe by unexpectedly greeting King George VI with the " German greeting ", a stiff-armed Nazi salute : the gesture nearly knocked over the king, who was walking forward to shake Ribbentrop's hand at the time.


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