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  1. Sodium sulfate is also found as glauberite, a calcium sodium sulfate mineral.
  2. Associated minerals include gypsum, halite, thenardite, trona, glauberite, and epsomite.
  3. Because of its solubility, glauberite is often dissolved away from the crystal matrix leaving a distinctly shaped hollow cast.
  4. Ulexite is frequently found associated with colemanite, borax, meyerhofferite, hydroboracite, probertite, glauberite, trona, mirabilite, calcite, gypsum and halite.
  5. Glauberite often forms in continental and marine evaporite deposits, but may also form from hydrothermal deposits, as mineral sublimates deposited near fumaroles, in amygdules in basalt, and in nitrate deposits in arid climates.


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