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  1. Gloria Davies compares Lu Xun to Nietzsche, saying that both were " trapped in the construction of a modernity which is fundamentally problematic ".
  2. After completing its North American run in Montreal, the company embarked on an international tour with LeVern Hutcherson as Porgy and Gloria Davy as Bess.
  3. RS Davies'property is now occupied by Hector ( son of RS Davies and Gloria Davies ), who established a modern piggery as well as lucerne growing on the site.
  4. Notable graduates from the 1950s included Gloria Davy, Diahann Carroll, Susan Stamberg, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Yarrow, Susan Strasberg, Tony Roberts, James Burrows, and Erica Jong.
  5. 2 . " In Search of a  Third Way : A Conversation regarding  Liberalism and the  New Left Wing ", Voicing Concerns : Contemporary Chinese Critical Inquiry, Edited by Gloria Davies, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers . INC.


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