gloria dei churchの例文


  1. Wilson is buried in Gloria Dei Church cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  2. When it was closed in the 1950s, the graves of a few Revolutionary War officers such as Irvine were identified by the rector of Old Swedes'and reburied at Gloria Dei Church cemetery.
  3. In 1703, Justus Falckner was ordained as pastor of the Gloria Dei Church; Falckner evidently believed that music was a very important element of missionary work, writing to Germany to ask for an organ, which he said would attract more Native American converts.
  4. "' Gloria Dei Church "', known locally as "'Old Swedes " ", is a historic church located in the Southwark neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 929 South Water Street, bounded by Christian Street on the north, South Christopher Columbus Boulevard ( formerly Delaware Street ) on the east, and Washington Avenue on the south.


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