gloria duffyの例文


  1. Club President Gloria Duffy said Asner was chosen because he has used " his celebrity to improve the welfare of others ."
  2. Mannerly Kavan presented Commonwealth Club CEO Gloria Duffy with a gift he'd brought along for the occasion : a man's tie.
  3. "We're a nonprofit, we're on a thin financial line ourselves, " says Gloria Duffy, the club's chief executive.
  4. Gloria Duffy, president of San Francisco's Commonwealth Club and a former Clinton defense official, said there had been many terrorism warnings at the time, but " it would have been hard to predict exactly what happened ."
  5. 11 : 40 Dr . Gloria Duffy, former deputy assistant secretary of defense who coordinated the U . S . program to help the former Soviet Union dismantle nuclear weapons : While contrary factors do exist _ the continuing problems with protecting fissile material in the former Soviet Union, the rise of anomic violence which could someday involve nuclear weapons _ the trend is . . . against the manufacture and possession of nuclear weapons.


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